How to Create Z-Aware Layer in ArcGIS Online

05-21-2020 01:01 AM
New Contributor


I'm trying to create a z-aware layer in ArcGIS online that will allow me to collect elevation in the Collector app and pass it through to AutoCAD via the ArcGIS for AutoCAD plugin.

I have tried the solution of enabling Z defaults by updating the definition in the admin REST end directory but the "enableZdefaults" line doesn't appear, only a "hasZ" line which is false and seemingly cannot be changed.

Just to clarify, I am creating the feature layer within ArcGIS online via the content page, creating from one of the available templates.

Currently I can see the elevation data is getting carried through via an attribute layer but not as a z value.

If anyone had any suggestions to fix the above, that would be much appreciated.



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