Finding which polygons lie along a polyline in ArcGIS Online web application

05-21-2020 12:13 AM
New Contributor

I work in ArcMap 10.4 and upload the data as a web service into Portal for ArcGIS server. There I create a web map application to view/browse through the layers etc.

I'm looking for a tool/widget/function which would return a list of polygons through which a polyline goes. To be more specific - I have a polygon layer of administrative units, I want to provide users with the ability to "add" their own data (a polyline - e.g. pipeline, gas pipe) so that it would show them through which "administrative units" this line goes. I made a simple sketch of what I mean (see pic below). Is there a way to do this in a web map application in Portal for ArcGIS/ ArcGIS online?

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