How do you automate Overwriting hosted layer? ArcGIS Online

04-22-2020 07:29 PM
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software and platform used: ArcGIS Online - ArcGIS Pro latest.

I am looking for best scenario to update hosted feature layer on ArcGIS Online.

1- I have Operation Dashboard created on ArcGIS online.

2- On ArcGIS Pro I am getting the Data from SQL Server view then I join to the view with my feature class (sde) I used query layer.

3- I share the Query Layer (overwrite the hosted Feature Layer.) 

4- all these steps run through a Model from ArcGIS PRO except step no 3 ( overwrite).

I have to do these steps for 4 layers ( 2 polygons, 2 tables)

I tried to follow many approach posted   here  ,  here and here to accomplish the automation but I failed , I had to schedule this process every day.


1- What is the best approach to make these steps easier?

2- How to schedule your answer approach at 1?


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