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How do solve fuel theft with GIS?

07-16-2017 05:05 PM
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Hello comrades, I would be very grateful if you could help me find a lasting solution to fuel theft in our organization at our various distributed gent sets distributed across the country. The  guys are expected to fuel the gent sets with a mobile fuel vehicle but we always loose over tens of thousand of dollars. Please, my organization is willing to adopt the best solution using GIS to addressing the problem. Thank you.

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lol interesting post.  Is it possible to log GPS data from a device in the fueling vehicle?  See if they're just driving to and from where they're supposed to - maybe they're stopping at home and topping off their own vehicles?

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All GIS is going to tell you is yes, you're getting ripped off. What you need is probably going to cost more but....there exists digital metering devices for fuel pumps, what you need to do is hook up a GPS to the metering device. Everytime fuel flows through that nozzle, it will tag the coordinates. THEN you use GIS to match known locations of generators versus when the nozzle was activated. I used to have the same problem with fuel cards, someone telling me that a truck with a 22 gallon tank....took 32 gallons! Turns out they were filling up cans for personal use. That was easier to solve, didn't need GPS, just needed video from the gas station cameras.....

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I was able to solve this problem please contacts


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