How do organizations manage hosted feature layers vs. hosted feature layer views?

07-23-2021 10:37 AM
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I am used to an enterprise geodatabase data sharing structure, where permission on the dataset depends on your login. So if a single map has a dataset, userA would be able to edit and userB would only be able to view based on their login information and how their permissions are set-up to that dataset.


In ArcGIS Online the data sharing is a bit different. I was reading this




Seems like I have to make a different layer based on who I want to edit (hosted feature layer) vs. who I want to view the data (hosted feature layer view). So I'd have to make an editing map for userA, with the hosted feature layer that allows editing, and create a view map for userB and rest of organization, with the hosted feature layer view.


Doesn't that make it difficult to share maps across an organization? Is this the way organizations are doing it? Are there other ways that I might be missing?

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That is the same way I have to do it. I am the only one allowed to edit, but to share the map with the organization, I have to create it then make a viewable feature layer that only has limited information and add it to the map and delete the other layer.

An easier way would be nice.
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This storymap explains the Hosted Feature Layer Views beautifully. Please check Hosted Feature Layer Views - A Practical Example 

Consider the questions in Data Access and Editing to determine whether you need to create hosted feature layer views, with whom you should share your hosted feature layers and hosted feature layer views, and which editing properties to set.

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Thanks for the responses!

Based on Vicki's response and the storymap example, it sounds like creating different items in ArcGIS Online for each purpose (editing or read-only) is the way to go. 

If other organizations have other methods, I'd love to hear them.

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