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How do I show image attachments in pop-up, from a related table?

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12-20-2019 07:16 PM
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Hey, I have a survey123 form which has a repeat table so the user can take many photos if they wish.

I am now trying to make a map in AGOL with pop-ups that include the attachments, and I have no idea how to do this as the images are in a related table, not in the original feature table. I have attached the form I am using.

So I would love to see a map that includes a pop up with at a minimum the first photo taken with each form.

Any ideas?


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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Ben,

Unfortunately, images in a related table are not directly accessible from a pop-up.

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Ben,

Unfortunately, images in a related table are not directly accessible from a pop-up.

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Hi James,

Is there still no way to show attachments from a related table in a popup with the new map viewer (formerly beta), maybe using Arcade? Also, in the classic web viewer, I was able to view the attachment links with a related table link in the popup,  and by showing the tables, but I do not see that option in the new map viewer, am I missing something, see screenshot below? Do I need to do something with Arcade expressions to display the attachment links? Thank you.



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Hi Bryce, 

Can you use a dashboard instead of the map? If you have a feature or list that is configured with the main layer, you can create a detail widget with the related table and configure its link using global ID of the main layer and parent global ID of the related table. That case the detail widget will bring up the photos whenever features or list is selected.



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Kerry--Can you elaborate on this strategy? The detail widget doesn't show photos for me on the Dashboard app.

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I am in the same boat is there any way to do this? I have photos from inspections in my table but can't connect them to AGOL map. Thanks!

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+1 : I would like to see this functional .

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This function shoul be a must in all ESRI Field apps. People in Public works dealing with asset inspection and maintenance would like to see attachments in pop-up in AGOL since inspection related table can be configured to take picture and  store the file in AGOL. This is useful for office teams who follow inspections on the field using ArcGIS Online map viewer. Configuring a Dashboard should resolve this issue, but all asset inspection projects are not using Dashboard...

Few months ago, I lost an important asset inspection project because the customer request is to be able to view inspection attachments in a web map. Something the app couldn't offer. The competitor came up with their solution which allowed to display the photos using the context menu using the 1 to many relationship model of a linked table with the feature layer (point layer).





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Has this functionality been added yet?  I am searching for information but don't seem to find anything. 

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Hi all,

With the November 2022 update, Map Viewer rolled out support for viewing related records in pop-ups.

To get started,

  • Configure the pop up for the parent layer
  •     In the Add Content menu, choose Related records
  • Configure the pop up for the related layer/ table
  •        In the Add Content menu, choose Attachments

This configuration will allow you to navigate through the related records and view their attachments using pop-ups.

For more in depth information and examples, check out the blog article Rolling Out Related Records in Map Viewer.



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