How do I pass a unique identifier

04-30-2019 08:53 AM
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The question is in regard to automatically updating an existing Feature Layer in AGOL.  I’ve looked through all the little help screens I can find, but can still find no answer.  This is the last section of a bit of code I’ve written to update a Feature Layer.  Program pulls FE_Insp from the AGOL account just fine, makes a copy of the file as a csv.  It then runs a couple of reports, and then does an overwrite of one field within the CSV (from “Yes” to “No”) … done to reset an inspection form to be used in a web app every month.


It will not allow me to re-upload and re-publish the new file.  I can go to the site and manually walk through the update portion.  It has changed to Append, and now wants a Unique Identifier set (GlobalID) … not a big deal to do manually, but how do I pass that identifier in just this little bit of code?



# In[1.1] - FE_Insp ... Access the AGOL Account.

gis = GIS("", userid , password)


# In[1.2] ... Search for 'FE_Insp' feature layer collection

search_results ='title: FE_Insp', 'Feature Layer')


# In[1.3] ... Access the first Item that's returned

fh_item = search_results[0]



# In[1.4] ... from arcgis.features import FeatureLayerCollection

fh_flayer_collection = FeatureLayerCollection.fromitem(fh_item)


# In[1.5] ...  call the overwrite() method which can be accessed using the manager property



print("1.5 - Feature Layer FE_Insp has been updated")


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