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How do I isolate this data on wildlife corridors?

04-14-2024 04:10 PM
New Contributor II

I want to be able to isolate and look at just the wildlife corridors on this layer but whenever I try to look at the properties, there's no way to edit and analyze. What do I do? Are there any analysis tools to accomplish this? I'm planning on being able to make a layer just showing the wildlife corridors so I can intersect them with highways.

Thanks in advance!

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Esri Notable Contributor

When signed into your account you can click on that layer and save it as a new item. This will just reference the existing layer. The layer linked above does not support being extracted so you cannot use the analysis tools for that. 



If your account being used supports using analysis and creating content you can use the Overlay tool and generate a layer showing the 2 layers that intersect one another which could output something like this