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How can I get all clusters to display when symbology split by field?

04-27-2023 01:21 PM
New Contributor II

I have a map where I need to cluster to show overlapping points for the purposes of a dashboard.

When I change the symbology to split by field, the display flat out drops some clusters. They are still labeled and still otherwise in the map. They show up again when the map is filtered on the dashboard, and this is obvious enough it'll cause problems.

Anyone run into this? Any workaround? Total layer is under 30,000, filtered for this map to under 5,000

See attached for what this looks like.

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New Contributor III

Hi Devon, 

Any luck with this? Just noticed we've a similar issue.  Map built using Map Viewer now clusters symbols differently from before. Seems the predominant cluster setting wont symbolise where categories are evenly split.  It used to pick one though and at least the map presented well - now feels like a step backwards..



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