How can I find out what transformation a Web Map has used?

02-24-2021 02:57 AM
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How can I find out what transformation a web map is using? I have created it in AGOL and added in a Web Mercator basemap and British National Grid feature services. I would assume that the "OSGB 1936 WGS1984 7" is applied, but I would like to confirm this.

FYI, if i add this web map into ArcGIS Pro via the Portal catalog, the transformation isn't there, and the data is shifted. It transforms fine in AGOL and Collector though.

Also, if I applied a transformation in ArcGIS Pro that isn't supported in AGOL (such as OSTN15 NTv2) and publish a web map directly from Pro, would the transformation be dropped and the data shifted? Or would the web map assign a support transformation instead and not tell me? Or would it fail to publish?

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