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How can I enable the sign-in button in the Minimal Gallery App?

05-08-2020 10:18 AM
Occasional Contributor II

In the minimal gallery app, hosted in ArcGIS Online (not downloaded to a webserver) I am trying to enable the sign-in button. The closest I can get, is to check the boxes for both "Enable Header Search" and "Enable sign-in button". Without the search box enabled, the check box for "Enable sign-in button" has no effect. In addition, when the search bar is on the header, and the sign-in button works it is actually a Menu. When the menu is clicked, sign into (or out of) ArcGIS Online is the only option in the menu.

1. How can I enable a sign-in option without also having to have the search bar on the header?

2. When the sign-in button appears, is there a way to have it show directly in the header, and not in a menu?

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