How can I convert Polygons (w one to many attachments) into a Point layer and still maintain attachments with the points?

04-19-2021 02:16 PM
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I have an AGOL hosted feature service that contains close to 70,000 polygons and over 9,000 images attached to some of the polygons. Some polygons have up to 5 images attached to it. 

I need to convert these polygons into a POINT layer but still maintain ALL of the images to that point.

I was able to create a replica of the hosted polygon feature service and downloaded it as a FGDB and it kept all of the attachments but now when I create a point layer from the polygon layer, it losses its attachments. 

I have tried trouble shooting and researching this but I can't seem to get it to work with the blogs I found.

Has anyone done this before? Made a polygon layer into a point layer and kept ALL it's attachments, then republish the new point back out to a hosted feature service?

I would appreciate any assistance with this workflow if it can be done.?



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The only way I can think of is the really painful one of exporting all the images and reattaching them to the Point FC.

See this thread .

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I've seen this thread and was trying to work through the work flow but I have not been able to successfully complete it this way. I don't know what I am missing and I have had a ticket into esri since last week and they still have not gotten back to me with any help on this...? So I started researching it again on my own. 

They're just has to be an easier way to do this... ugh...

Thanks for the reply,


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