How can i add feature layer tab to contents in my ArcGIS online account

04-20-2019 06:45 AM
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Hello. I am a newbie to ArcGIS. I cannot find the feature layers when I go my content pane in my online account. I understand that it has to be added from the web but I don't know how. Kindly help.

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Hi Abdullah Butt‌,

Thank you for reaching out! I have a few clarifying questions for you, which might help us successfully add the content you're looking to use:

  • What format is your data in?
    • REST URL? You said "I understand that is has to be added from the web", which makes me think you have some kind of URL that you'd like to add to the Map. If this is the case, you can do this in the Map Viewer by selecting Add > add Layer from Web > paste URL and select "Add Layer".
  • If you have a Shapefile, CSV or zipped Geodatabase, these can be uploaded directly to your Content and then added to a map. 

Please advise on your data and workflow and I'll try my best to help accordingly! 

Talk to you soon,


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I meant i need the sample fearure layers that gis has on the web

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