AGOL Map Editor is the worst webapp i have ever seen

04-23-2019 01:59 AM
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I have been a developer for the last 24 years and i have never seen anything more user unfriendly than AGOL Map editor. I have had enough so thats why i decided to write this.

Horrible issues that have been so around for at least 4 years.

1-) If you remove a mapservice which happens to have tables the mapservice tables are not removed automatically from the map causing an ridiculous confusion when you re-add that mapservice again or leave ghost tables for no reason.

2-) If you have a mapservice with 5 layers enabling popups for each layer takes 10 seconds. But if you have 100+layers on a mapservice there is no way to enable all popups at once so you need to go one by one. And the worst part is that each time you enable a popup the layerlist automatically scrolls back on top so you have to find the position again where you left , what layer you last enabled etc.

3-) This is the worst part which makes you repeat issues 1 and 2 that i mentioned. When you make changes to the layers in the service you have to remove and re-add the service again. The layer synchronization AGOL-Arcgis Server is horrible and to be honest i still don't understand how it behaves.

4-) Once you do a change on a map there is no way to undo it, there should be a Map Configuration (JSON part)  History of all changes to the map.

5-) All Layer Ids that are generated under the hood from AGOL are used as identification basis for all WebAppbuilder map widgets that make use of specific layers. Removing and re adding a map service in the Map JUST BREAKS all layer references in these widgets.

Can anyone from ESRI take these issues seriously 


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