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Hosted OGC services for visualization only

07-04-2022 08:58 AM
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I was asked to produce a OGC Service in AGOL, to be accessed by an external partner. Copy of the services's data  should not be possible.

The service should:

  • be hosted in AGOL, as our AGE servers are only available internally
  • display the features with symbology
  • copy/export of feature should not be possible 
  • ideally should allow attribute popups

After many tests, only a WMTS service seems to fill most of my requirements. Unfortunately, no attribute popups are available out of the box for WMTS. According to OGC documentation, it is possible to create a WMTS with the "GetFeatureInfo operation". I could not see info about this in AGOL documentation & forums. Could this be implemented on AGOL?

As an option, I've investigate the possibility to made available a WFS, so that the external partner could have access to some attributes. However, I didn't discover a way to block the possibility to export the features... Even if I did not activate the possibility to edit data when publishing, export the WFS features seems always possible from AGOL and from AG Pro. Am I missing something, or is there a way to prevent the users to get a copy of WFS features?



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