Hosted feature service stuck at HasSyncEnabledViews: true

10-26-2021 10:24 AM
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Hello. I have a hosted feature service that contains one layer and 3 related tables.  The Has Sync Enabled Views property of the service is stuck at true.

I have created multiple views based on the feature service, but none of those views have sync enabled (i've verified this by making sure the 'Sync Enabled' checkbox is unchecked for every view).  I've also verified that no replicas are hung or stuck by going to the /replicas endpoint.  Under 'All Replicas', the value is None

I have used the REST admin endpoint for the feature service to update the definition to manually force the value of hasSyncEnabledViews to false (and i've tried 0). The endpoint returns the error

Invalid definition for 'SourcesSchemaChangesAllowed'.

Invalid definition for System.Boolean.

Any idea how to change the value for Has Sync Enabled Views? With the value set to true, i am unable to use Arcade to update the data, and i think its messing with the ability to edit data in the views.

Thank you.

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