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06-30-2021 05:54 PM
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Hello All.

I have a feature layer that is being created using Survey123. Within this feature layer are points, lines, and polygons. I created a Feature Layer (hosted, view) of the points that I am passing back to the map that is used in the Survey123 location map used to collect the points. The reason for this is so that people will not collect data in the same location more than once. 

My question is, will the Feature Layer (hosted, view) automatically update when new points are added to the "parent" feature layer, or is there another step that I need to take to make this happen? Since it is a Survey123 map I am only displaying the points as locations and there are no fields, popups, etc...

Thanks for any help and have a great night,


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The short answer: Yes!

You can read up on it in the docs, but the hosted view layer is really just a database view, albeit one you have a bit less control over. But in the end, it's still "looking at" the same base table as the layer that you're using in S123 to collect the points.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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