High-level strategy for maintaining my ArcGIS Online maps

03-18-2021 11:32 AM
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I need some high-level advice on how to maintain my ArcGIS Online maps. They began life in ArcMap. I uploaded them to ArcGIS Online and created a StoryMap on them. Now I need to do these operations:

  1. Add points to an existing layer (new dog parks).
  2. Expand the buffer layers to include the new points
  3. Add polygons to the existing polygon layer and modify the shape of some existing ones.
  4. Add a text field to the point layer, populate it, and change the symbology to use the field as a category.

What's the best way to go about all this? While still preserving the URL of my StoryMap! More - I'd like all my changes to flow through into the StoryMap maps wihtout my having to re-create them. Should I:

  1. Do all these edits directly in ArcGIS Online? (Can that even be done?)
  2. Copy the feature layer down to my desktop, make the changes in ArcMap, and synchronize back. 
  3. Make the changes in my preserved .MXD file using ArcMap. Re-upload. (My fear is that my uploaded feature layer will no longer be connected - or connectable - to the StoryMap.)
  4. Do something else.

Experimenting with #2 it seems that I can do operation a) but none of the rest. For b) it looks like I must re-create the buffer layer (I see no way to extend the existing one), and new layers don't seem to upload. For d), my new text field did not upload.

I can figure out the button-pushing, but I need a steer as to which way to go. Thanks. - Steve

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