Collector - replica does not exist on the server

03-18-2021 08:26 PM
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I've got a hosted feature layer on ArcGIS Online, and some of our field operatives have been using it to collect data in the field. They're very remote (even when they're in the office they have difficulty getting a good connection) so, given that I'd need to get at least three flights to get out to them, helping with errors is difficult and we invariably send emails back and forth over a few days.

In any case, Collector has been good as it allows them to take areas offline and make changes, then sync when they get back into the office. However, they've been coming across one error a few times:

Unable to synchronize replica.
Replica with GUID : BLAH-BLAH-BLAH-CRAZY-WORDS-MOUSTACHE does not exist on the server.

(obviously the GUID is a proper GUID)

Any ideas? This is stuff which we'd like to sync back up, and after contacting ESRI a few times they're saying they've never seen this problem with an ArcGIS Online / Collector setup. If there's a way to create a replica with that ID and get it to sync up with that, and in turn our main layer, that'd be great, but if not if there's any other way at all to get at the data.

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