Hatching style in ArcGis online feature layer

08-04-2015 02:38 AM
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Is there a way to apply hatching styling to polygons in ArcGIS online ? When we create a map service and use our own geo databases we are able to have hatching styling for the polygons as this is stored in our own databases. From what I can tell there is no way to use hatching if you are using a feature layer in ArcGIS online.

Does anyone know of a way to create styling like below in ArcGIS online?


Many Thanks


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Hi Tom,

Polygon filling is tricky in AGOL.

I used hatch and crosshatch in my feature layer, then I  published the map to AGOL, I found the crosshatch simple was missing in the Webmap. But if I view the map from Collector I can see the crosshatch symbol.

Anyway, there's no way to select a hatch filling in AGOL.

Point symbol is much easier, you can just use simple markers from the truetype fonts.

Hope my experience is helpful for this issue.



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ArcGIS online Hosted Services support hatch fill, but don't have a interface for applying them,  As @simo xu says the simplest way to apply them is pre publishing in ArcGIS Desktop. 

If you are familiar with working in the admin rest endpoint of your service you can actually alter the layers drawing information via Update Definition, See example 3 in the Update Definition (Feature Layer), When setting the fill "style" use  "esriSFSForwardDiagonal" to create a fill. 

It took me several tries to get the syntax right, so publishing with a Hatch fill would have actually saved me time.


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Thank you, Adam. 

A good work-around is in this thread


I published multiple layers from ArcMap that had hatch fills, but only two of the three came into AGOL correctly. I thought maybe it was because they were symbolized by unique type (though there were only two types per layer). So I tried splitting out the types into their own feature classes, and publishing like that. That was even worse -- none of the three layers with hatching showed up correctly in AGOL. I went back to my initially published data, and corrected the one via the REST endpoint, using the directions in the above link.


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Does the current ArcGIS Online has this problem solved ?

I there a way in current ArcGIS Online can setup symbol as hatch fill symbol ?



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Good News, I'm testing the June 2022 ArcGIS Online update via the Early Adopter Program and they have added support for crosshatching and dot fills!

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