Hatch Color Hosted Feature Layer

03-25-2020 04:18 PM
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I was able to follow these directions to modify the hatch symbol of my hosted feature layer.  There are two colors in there to change, one for the outline which seems to update the outline symbol just fine if I change the 4 digit value.  The problem I am having if i change the first color value right after the hatch style, it doesn't seem to do anything to the hatch line color.  All hatch symbol lines are black.  Is there any workaround to this?



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Hi @DanAllen , were you able to adjust the black color?

I was able to use Pro 2.6 to save and publish the hatching symbology to my web map in Portal using the new "Save Web Map" button:




However I also lose the color, it is only black in the web map. Yet, when I bring the web map back into Pro, it shows me the original color I published it as.

Maybe there are some newer 2020 solutions out there. The Beta map?

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