Filtering Table by Max Date (Operations Dashboard Indicator)

04-10-2020 10:00 AM
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Hi There, 

I really need your help! I am using Operations Dashboard. I have an indicator that displays the summary of results for a specific day. 

Aspatial Table:

April 8Region 110
April 8Region 25
April 9Region 110
April 9Region 213

This dataset is updated very often but not at specific times (only Monday to Friday, maybe). I want the indicator to show only the latest values (MAX DATE). The indicator is using a sum of values based on Date and separated by Region. I want a return value of all the Regions on April 9th (= 23). I have Ops Dash filtering by Region. At the moment I'm going into my ops dash each day and specifically selecting the most recent date. This is not sustainable. Is there a way to edit the JSON or filter using arcade in my map viewer map or in the Ops Dashboard?

Thanks very much!


P.S. I understand the new Ops Dash beta allows arcade; however, I can't add aspatial tables to the new map viewer beta which is used in the new Ops Dash beta.

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I second this idea!  We are also having to log into our Ops Dashboards and manually adjust the date daily.  It would be so great (and save us so much time) if there was a "Max data date" choice in the widget configuration.  

Thank you!

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The addition of max date or latest date would also be helpful in the Experience Builder.


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