Ghost Items in ArcGIS Online

03-22-2019 01:23 AM
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As you can see in the screenshots attached, one of our team members has a ghost item in the account which we can neither delete nor access in any way. We come across this problem quite often recently. How can we solve this by ourselves?

There is another related question. This item can be seen if I click on "All My Content", but it doesn't exist in any of the folders, including the root folder. How is this possible?

The username of this account is also in the attached image.

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Hi Zeno team,

Has there been any process which causes the ghost items to appear? Is there any third party software being used in ArcGIS Online to manage content or add users?

For the username ghost item, does it allow you to re-add a new user with the same username? (Aydin.Kahriman_LGS) or does it give an error message saying the username already exists in the organization?



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Symptoms of a ghost service can include:

  •  Receiving and error message when trying to delete the item and the item remains in "My Content"
  •  You cannot publish an item with the same name of the ghost service due to a warning stating that this item name already exists.
  • High credits for storage can be found

This happens because the service was deleted from the storage database but the item reference still exists within the organization. Ghost feature services and ghost file services must be removed from the backend by creating a ticket with technical support services. 

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