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GeoPDF as hosted service for Map Viewer

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06-01-2023 07:00 PM
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Big idea:

Display a geoPDF map (like this one) in ArcGIS Online Map Viewer as an operational layer that can be turned on and off.

Seems simple enough?

Are there steps I missed or limitations I overlooked in methods described below? I am open to any and all ideas!

Thanks in advance,


What I tried thus far:

1) PDF to TIFF, publish as tile service

  • Run the PDF to TIFF tool. Success, but unfortunately, it results in a .tif file is pretty pixelated (rastery?), badly colored, and has a transparent layout. Tips or suggestions welcome here! (perhaps in the PDF export process?)
  • Run the Share as Web Layer tool. The tif is published as a "tile" layer type with cache stored online. Success. You can view the item here.
  • From the item description page, I opened the tile service in Map Viewer. It adds the layer as the basemap. It works, but you cannot layer it with other Esri basemaps. This is not what I want. It needs to be operational.
  • From Map Viewer, I added a layer via URL (
  • Error received "Map [name] cannot be added to map. Support for adding this layer type is not yet available."
  • So, tried same process in Map Viewer Classic? Similar error.

2) Convert PDF to KMZ, add KMZ to ArcGIS Online

  • Using this free online tool I converted a geoPDF file to a .kmz file.
  • Added KMZ to ArcGIS Online via Content > New Item > Your Device
  • This creates a KML item that can be added to Map Viewer or Map Viewer Classic.
  • Unfortunately, generic errors are returned "An error occurred reading this layer" and "The KML, map_BCR, is not available or cannot be added to the map" in each map viewer, respectively.
  • You can review the KML layer here
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Oh wow, amazing! Esri read my mind. Thank you so much!