Generate web isolation trace

01-15-2020 11:13 AM
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I trying to deploy Water Outage Components solution. I follow the instruction provided in ESRI guide and a created geometric network using  tools and finally trying to generate web isolation tool. Unfortunately, running the tool I got these error message.

Running script GenerateIsolationTraceToolbox...
34 sources have been found in the source layer(s). To increase performance, it is recommended to reduce these to the minimum number of required sources.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<string>", line 649, in execute
AttributeError: module 'arcpy' has no attribute 'RefreshCatalog'
Failed to execute (GenerateIsolationTraceToolbox).

Then I uninstalled ArcGIS pro and try again and same error message shown up  again. Python interactive terminal I can import arcpy with out any errors. 

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As a suggestion, you may want to post this question in the Water Utilities community: 

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These tools are not designed for ArcGIS Pro.  They need to run in ArcMap.

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I got the error from ArcCatalog. After changing python environment in ArcGIS pro this tool work perfectly on  ArcCatalog and ArcMap. I believe this error due to different python version on computer. 

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