Flow Direction Arrows on AGOL

08-14-2017 03:08 AM
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I am looking to use/create a symbol which allows me to show a line with two arrow heads at either end. I managed to create this on desktop but as soon as I publish to AGOL it goes to a thick line without the arrow head.

Is there a work around for this? Can I do it through portal?

any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.


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I don't think AGOL and Portal have this symbology implemented (yet?). The only (long) way I can imagine is to do some analysis on the line features in Desktop. For instance Add Geometry Attributes—Help | ArcGIS Desktop with the LINE_BEARING option to get the general bearing of the line ( however this is not really at the end of the line).You can add another field with the bearing of the start point (this 180° from the end bearing) or duplicate this field to avoid it from being overwritten in a next step,flip the line Flip Line—Help | ArcGIS Desktop repeat the Add Geometry tool to add the bearing in the opposite direction, Flip again to bring the line back to the original direction. Convert the start and end vertices to points with Feature Vertices To Points—Help | ArcGIS Desktop, publish to AGOL, symbolize the points with an arrow and define the rotation (which is supported in AGOL) of the symbols based on the respective bearing field. 


It would be nice if this type of symbology would be supported for lines. Kelly Gerrow‌, and idea if this is on the road map? I see there is an idea for this: