Filtering Dashboard with Related Table

11-20-2018 12:18 PM
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I have a point feature, with a related table storing data...

How can I add filters to a Portal Dashboard, so that the point features on a map are filtered based on their related table data?

For instance, I have a point to show the location of a gas leak.  A related table record is added during the investigation, and a 'leak severity class' is added in the related table.  How would I add a filter to the dashboard to show all points that have a leak severity class of "Grade A"?

Since the point doesn't have this leak grade attribute information, I'm not sure how make the filter work, since there is no "leak severity class" attribute in the point feature for me to set as the target.

I can't do a join, since it's a one to many relationship (one point could have multiple inspections).

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If you have the ability to access your data in #arcgis desktop 10.x‌ you could leverage (instead of a join) make query table, then publish this to AGO and then filter. This is clunky and requires you to access, download your data and republish your hosted feature service, but AFAIK this is the only solution for what you're describing.

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i know this solution, but if you have 1:n relations and also more than one related table this should not the the aimed solution. there need to be a solution for related tables with non coordinate data and filter options all over the layers and tables. Without that the concept/realization in agol/portal of related tables doesn't make much sense to me.