Filter data in Map Viewer by Date for Field Maps

08-12-2021 02:16 AM
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Hi All,

I know Arcade is available for Styles and Pop-ups in Map Viewer, though I don't believe it is available for Filter. And I would love to be corrected here!

I need to filter a layer based on end date. With ArcGIS Online Assistant I can just add 'dig_end_at > current_timestamp' and it works fine for web products. However I see no data when using Field Maps.

What would be the simplest solution to this that is supported by Field Maps? I guess I could do something with symbols, though it seems unsatisfactory.

I did try '$feature["dig_end_at"]>Today()' and '$feature["dig_end_at"]>Now()' as the Style expression in Map Viewer, though these didn't seem to do anything.

I am using ArcGIS Online and hosted features.


It amazes me that Map Viewer cannot accommodate this out of the box, when Dashboards already have a solution.


 Thanks, Jamie.

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Currently this isn't in the filter component. Does using an expression like this help?




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Thanks @RussRoberts, that works for the web, though we see no data at all in field apps (Explorer, Field Maps).

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I too see this.  The filter works in the web map but renders nothing in Field Maps.

My workaround is to create a symbology expression by date with the data I want hidden in the 'other' area and turned off. 

It would be best if ESRI could fix the Field Maps filter