Field Maps data not showing in AGOL

10-12-2022 06:31 PM
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I'm teaching an Intro to GIS class and we are using Field Maps for the first time (previously Collector). Students are able collect data using a hosted feature layer that I created in Pro. Students then are to create their own hosted feature layer in AGOL and collect data in Field Maps. The data points show up on Field Maps, and in AGOL they show up in the table but are not showing on the map. However, I can download them and display perfectly in ArcGIS Pro. Sync is enabled in Field Maps. What else am I missing?

Screen shot shows the data layer displayed in AGOL. The points should show up on the map.... but they are updating to AGOL because they display in the table.

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Hi @Karen_AllisonMeezan 
Check that your layer is using a single symbol style in the map - if it is using attribute linked symbols any new objects with non-matching attributes won't show up.
In ArcGIS Online view the feature layer's Item Details page and check under Visualization and Data to see if anything is out of place.

Check the layer's coordinate system - At the bottom of the Item Details' Overview tab click the view arrow  (next to URL). Check that the Spatial Reference is what you expect it to be.

Do the objects show up when you add the layer into Pro directly from the portal catalog (not from an export)?


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The layer did not seem to have the correct spatial reference. I had created it by exporting a template (that I created) to a feature collection, then publishing it as a hosted feature layer. That route does not seem to do everything necessary for data collection with Field Maps. 

Instead I went back and followed the instructions at and it seems to work. My students can use the existing feature layer I created. Thank you for your help!

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