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Feature Service Usage Origins...

03-24-2023 04:20 PM
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Does anyone know if there is a way to dig into who might be consuming a give ArcGIS Online feature class? I have a feature class that is getting 10 or more times the usage as all my other feature classes which really does not make any sense. It would be interesting to see if perhaps someone developed an app, or the like and they are consuming the data via REST, etc.

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Unfortunately no. 

You can see usage against the Item. This can be isolated using Hosted Feature Layer Views, as they track usage on the View item (not the source feature layer). If you are sharing services to someone who you think is heavily using it, or are concerned (public/external access), I would recommend using a View layer to isolate the usage traffic. 

10x may also be within expectation, depending on how you have your apps configured. Usage tracks requests. If you have the same layer added 10 times to a map, or don't use caching, or have arcade filters/functions triggering through symbology/labels/pop-ups, I would expect 10x the usage on that service.

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