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06-03-2020 05:01 AM
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so i noticed what might be an issue with one of our AGOL Feature services, the feature service has 75,000 records but the highest object id is around 105,000 does that mean that 30,000 features have been deleted?

the feature service was published from Survey123 Connect, and its been updated a few times since all from within Connect

are their any scenarios where the max object id won't be the same as the total number of features


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Hi Stuart Moore‌,

Did you end up getting to the bottom of this?

I would recommend getting in touch with Esri Support - they can take a closer look at the feature layer and workflows involved. For what it's worth, if features from a feature layer are deleted then the object IDs are not reused (reference: FAQ: Are ObjectID values repeated for features in a feature class or for records in a table? )

Is it possible that the Object ID field you're looking at is a relic and the actual object ID field is something like ObjectID2? 

Hope this helps,


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