Facebook tracking pixel on a Geoform?

02-15-2021 07:24 AM
by Anonymous User
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Hi all

We are hoping to use a geoform for users to submit information to our webmap. We want to embed the geoform on our organisation's website so that people can easily find and submit their data.

My colleagues in marketing and comms are wondering if it would be possible to insert code for a Facebook tracking pixel so that they can collect data about who is interacting with the geoform? I found this thread and was wondering if this is still the correct answer or if there are any other solutions to this issue?https://community.esri.com/t5/classic-esri-story-maps/can-i-add-a-facebook-targeting-pixel-to-the-co...

If that thread is still correct, could someone clarify what they mean by hosting the app on our own server?

If we are unable to use a facebook tracking pixel, are there any other established ways to gather user data from those who are completing submissions on geoforms? Previously the marketing/comms guys have redirected after a webform was completed and put the tracking pixel on the redirect page.


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