Extract raster from image service with credentials arcgis online notebooks

01-25-2023 10:13 AM
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Hi all,

I need help accessing imagery from a service layer using arcgis online notebooks. I have access to an arcgis image service which requires a username and password. When I am in arcgis pro, I have no problem adding the service layer as a server, entering my username and password, and extracting rasters from it to be stored locally on my computer. 

However, I would like to change my workflow to use the arcgis online notebooks. I thought maybe "MakeImageServerLayer" would work and allow me to sections of the raster in my "files" associated with my account.



I have tried two things so far:

1. Used the URL to the original image service- this results in a 499 error "Authentication token required"

2. I created a link to the image service within my own content. The credentials are stored as part of the image service. When I use this URL, I get a 403 error: "Access to this resource is forbidden, regardless of authorization"

Do these errors mean I need to contact the admins who own the image service? What settings could I ask them to change in order to gain fuller access?

Does anyone know an alternative way to extract rasters from an arcgis image service that requires credentials in arcgis online notebooks?



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