Expression builders in Map Viewer not responding to input

08-12-2021 01:56 AM
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Hi all,

I was trying to write an expression with the Split function to split a field into multiple values. However, the expression builder does not seem to respond to anything I am trying to do. I have tried the expression builder under 'Styles' and 'Configure popups > Popup expressions'.

The former is completely empty on opening (image 1). The 'Test' button returns "Execution Error:a._profileGlobals is null" regardless of there being any code or not. While the code does seem to work upon exiting (I just wrote a simple expression returning the latitude), when trying to re-open the expression it erases everything.


The expression builder under 'Popup expressions' opens the expression builder as expected, with example code and functions (image 2). However, it does not respond to any request to test or save the expression. I can close the expression builder, but the expression is gone.


I am quite the novice at ArcGIS online, and have no idea on how to debug this, since there does not seem to be much of an error message. The most similar problem I found was this one, but I did not manage to solve the problem with the suggestions given there. I have tried Firefox and Chrome, both display the same behavior.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

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