Exporting time series location data from QuickCapture

11-09-2021 06:42 PM
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Newbie here, I'm trying to do what I think is a _super_ basic function. 

I need to have a runner / walker / cyclist track their location over time (analogous to a gpx file you might get from Garmin Connect, only we need it super accurate, hence our use of ESRI + EOS sensor). 

From the product videos & website it looks like QuickCapture is the right app to use. 

I need to export to a csv or excel file the time series of lat & long coordinates.  So I literally need 3 columns: 

timestamp    lat     long

I can't figure out how to export this from ArcGIS Online.  I think perhaps we are not saving the track to the right kind of layer.   

Can anyone offer pointers or likely errors?  We have been able to set up a basic point/line/polygon layer, and we can export a file with summary data (beginning & end time, distance), but cannot get to the time series. 





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