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Export Feature Service with Attachments

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06-26-2012 02:40 AM
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I've got a feature service with attachments enabled (it's a point layer with photos on that can be edited in the field and photos recorded using an ipad) that I'm trying to export out of arcgis online.
Every way that I try to export it doesn't include the attachments, is it possible?

Many thanks,

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Thank you for your time. I have installed all at home on my pc to see if it's something on my network at work that prevents it to work. But no luck I get 100% same error at home.

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Export your feature service data as a file geodatabase. This creates a new item which you can then download (zip file).

the attachments are automatically included.

You can do this programmatically using Arcrest site package from Github. I think there is even an example here: Another GIS Blog: Using ArcREST to Export Hosted Feature Services

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I exported a FGDB as described above, but no attachments/photos were included. Is there something I'm missing?

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Hi, I have a question about attachment tables. I have datasets more than one and an attachment table for all these datasets. I want to unite my dataset layers on one layer and reestablish the relation between attachments. I created a new relationship class, it works but couldn't get the attachments. Does anyone have any opinion about this?


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I believe that your attachments are not working because the GLOBALID of the new dataset you created no longer reference the RELGLOBALID that is used to related those attachments back to their original features. Or in the case of not using a GLOBALID, the OBJECTID has changed from previous datasets that you merged together, which can also be used as the reference ID for attachments, it all depends on how you setup the original attachments.

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