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Export CSV on a Web Map - Atribute Expression

03-16-2021 05:08 AM
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I created a Field Map to collect date, 3 fields are typed manually  and  3 fields are attribute expressions.


The atribute expressions fields are intersects between layers.


When i export for csv in a web map, the attribute expression results in "[object Promise]"




This image are the exported csv, the blue fields are typed manually and the yellow fields are attribute expression.

How i can make to export the correct values from the atrribute expression in csv?


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Hi Rafael,

I have the same question. Did you ever get a response or figure out a workaround



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We are also experiencing this. 

I'm subscribing for updates. 

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Thanks for asking this question. We have multiple layers with over 70 attribute expressions each. I would like to retain these if the layer is overwritten. Subscribing for updates when they come!

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I am not sure if you have come to your solution yet.

Regardless, I was able to export a feature layer as csv and retain expression values. This article gave me some guidance on the topic.

In summary, for your attributes (intersect_1 | intersect_2 | intersect_3), you can apply an expression to the each column via SQL or Arcade Expression. This can be found in the data tab of your feature. Simply left click the column header and select "Calculate."

Using an Arcade expression will require that the feature is Sync disabled and update tracking disabled.

Using SQL will allow you to set an expression to all of the values of the column and continually update values as you continue to add data to your attributes. Sync enabled and data tracking.


Hope this is close to what you were looking for!

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Thank you for the information. I'm actually looking for a way to retain the attribute expressions saved in the Visualization tab in Portal/ArcGIS Online. When the layer is overwritten, these are typically erased.
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