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04-16-2021 02:42 PM
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Hello, I am new to experience builder and am trying to move over some capabilities that I use currently in dashboards. I have a survey and a map with the survey points in it. I want the people who have access to the survey/edit capabilities on the points to click on a point on the map, and auto-fill all the survey information from that point in the survey window, which they can then review or edit. This is a fairly simple action in dashboards to just filter the embedded content, but I'm not finding a similar option in experience builder. Am I missing something? Should I just continue using dashboards for now?

Background: I am playing with switching to experience builder because I have a lot of different groups and feature views with different edit access and I was thinking it may be easier to control who sees what (i.e. everyone doesn't need to scroll through a bunch of tabs to find their jurisdiction every time), but I could be wrong. I have also considered Hub, but really I want more options to filter list views and subsequently survey123 features. 

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This is definitely possible in EB!

Using an Embed widget, connect the embed to your layer. In the URL text box, use a similar URL as in your Dashboard. survey-url?mode=edit&globalId={GlobalID}

On the corresponding Map widget, add a trigger to Select Data Records when a feature is selected in the map.


The embed widget should reload when features are selected.




- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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