ESRI MAP loading issue in VM

10-06-2021 02:06 AM
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I am facing a problem where I am able to load the ESRI map in my local setup , but the same map when I am trying to open in the deployed  VM, the map is not loading and is giving the below error - 

[esri.layers.VectorTileLayer] #load() Failed to load layer (title: 'World Topographic Map', id: '17c54d2c07c-layer-1')

Could some one help me why am I facing such behavior?


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Hi @Anonymous User 

Thanks for the response.

I am not using any purchased ESRI Product. I am making use of the ArcGIS online Javascript API to load the map. I am implementing the map in an angular application. I am using the apiKey to get the map.

Hope you would be able to help me out



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by Anonymous User
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Thanks for the post @RishavPathak please can you let us know what Esri product you are using so we can help connect you with the right experts. 

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