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Enable editing for feature layer copied to another account

06-30-2023 01:48 PM
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Hello - I copied a web layer (feature service) using ArcGIS Online Assistant to a client's account with the hopes that they could take the reins for this project. The web layer copied over, however they still don't have as much control over the layer as I do. Specifically, they may want to reconfigure editing privileges or add more fields later, but that option is not avaialable to them. When they go to item details and view settings, there is no option to "enable editing", change editing permission, etc (see screen shot):


As opposed to my account, which comes with the whole suite of editing options:


I assume this is all because I am the feature layer host, and only the host has this level of control. I see that only myself, administrators, and data curators can manage edits. Is there any way to grant folks on other accounts full editing control over the layer?

I was hoping copying the layer over would essentially duplicate the layer to their account and they'd be the host of the new layer. 

Also note they do not have ArcGIS Pro - only an AGOL account, so they cannot export the shapefile and re-upload from Pro. 

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Esri Notable Contributor

These editing controls are only exposed to owners of the HFL and admins. Copying an item through AGO-Assist does not make this user the owner of the source item and would behave the same way as someone saving a copy of the layer through Map Viewer.  You would have to have an admin change owners of the item.

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