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Editing problem in Scene Viewer related to popups?

04-12-2023 01:06 PM
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We're running into the following issue:

  1. Add a feature layer view to a web scene. Feature layer view exposes some of the fields in its feature layer. The feature layer has a few hundred features in it.
  2. The exposed fields are based on lists in the feature layer's fields.
  3. We set to feature layer's edit settings to Enable Edits, Adds, Deletes, Updates.
  4. We set the feature layer view's edit settings to Enable Edits, Update attributes only.
  5. In the web scene, we set the main attribute to visualize to one of the fields with a list (a UVR on a "type" field).

At this point, we can go into edit mode, select a feature, and update a feature in the scene by clicking the dropdown in the edit feature pane.

However, if we:

  1. Go back to layer properties and configure popups.
  2. Remove 1 of the fields
  3. RESULT: the dropdown become read-only in the edit feature pane. We can still select them, but we cannot change the selected feature attributes any longer. 

Any ideas? Don't use feature layer views in the scene viewer? 


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Hey Rob I gave this a test and could not reproduce the same behavior.

I am probably missing something, but could I confirm what field type the list is? When I tried this I used a string field.

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Hi David,

Thanks for trying it. I shot a video and shared it here -

It's an mp4. If you download and watch it, you'll notice this - 

  1. I add an editable feature layer view to a web scene
  2. I set a uvr on the type field and set it to render on the ground
  3. I go into the scene editing mode, select a feature, and can change attribute values from a list
  4. I then go configure the popup and remove several fields
  5. When I go back to editing, I can no longer edit those attributes

A few things here - 

  1. When I modify the attributes in the popup, they list as 9/4. I believe that signifies that the underlying feature layer has 9 attributes but the view exposes only 4. All appear in the popup config window
  2. All layers are feature layers or feature layer views, all grouped within group layers
  3. Many layers are hidden in the layer list 


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Tech support submitted BUG-000157578

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