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ANALYSIS Tab on the ArcGIS Online

05-09-2023 12:16 AM
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Hi All,

Can someone help me solve my headache for inserting ANALYSIS Tab into ArcGIS Online. I am the Administrator of the Organization and tried Heather Smith's solution, but it wasn't successful in adding it.

Sorry, Heather!

How can I add the ANALYSIS button to the Map Viewer or Map Viewer Classic? I have struggled with this issue since last week. Please help or email me at if you have had the same issue before.




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Esri Contributor

One of the reasons why the analysis tab is not active on ArcGIS Online is because your service credit has been exhausted. Probably, you guys assigned a certain number of credits to each user.  You might want to check your service credit and if it's zero, you might want to assign more to yourself or use another account that has service to test the workflow. Also, if your organization service credit has been exhausted, you will need to buy more block of credit.