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Editing hosted feature layer not working as before

12-04-2017 01:29 PM
New Contributor III

I have a web map\application being utilized in the field by both the uses of a phone via Collector and lap top accessing a web map application. I'm utilizing AGOL to host my editable data and it has been working flawlessly for past two weeks.

On the feature layer being hosted it's was set-up for only feature attributes to be updated and at times I would change setting to add, update, delete so I can go in there and add found point features and go right back to update only. No issues at all presented itself. We only wanted field to update so that's the initial route we took. Well I changed setting this morning back to add, update, delete and since then I have had issues editing. We can create new features but can't edit existing. Clicking on feature in map and there is no response back, no pop-up like before. The edit button in web map application doesn't contain feature templates and states feature editing has been disabled. I tried to start from scratch with hosted layer, create new web app and add widget of edit. Configuration of edit widget doesn't recognize any layers for editing. Help\thoughts.....

My issue manifested itself this morning and I'm working with support but thought I ask community also

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