Editing data sets in ARcGIS Online

08-24-2020 08:53 PM
New Contributor

I have a polygon data set that I created using Arc Collector out in the field.  I now need to edit the polygon - preferably in ArcGIS Online, I had a strange extra 'triangle' polygon inside the corner of a rough rectangular shape that I need to delete.  I have attempted editing the polygon in ArcGIS Online and have managed to separate the triangle that is a result I think of 'averaging' from the GPS in the mobile device and creating an aberrant extra triangle where it shouldn't be inside the corner of the rectangle.  I separated out the triangle and moved it away from the exclosure polygon that I want to keep but it is now showing up as a separate triangle which I can move around, but still seems to be 'connected' to the original rectangular polygon and I can't delete it.  When I click on the larger grey vertice of this triangle that I don't want the 'delete' option is greyed out.  The triangle shows up as selected in the data table when I select the original rectangle feature.

any ideas what I am not doing correctly?  I just want to get rid of this 'sliver' polygon which I have now moved away from the original feature so that I could delete it without interfering with the one I wish to now keep.

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