Download File Geodatabase format on HUB

08-06-2021 07:38 AM
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Hi , apologies if this post goes over old ground ... but if I have missed something please link me .. Thanks

I have a featureclass hosted on my on premise portal as a featureservice, this is shared with AGOL via collaboration and discoverable in HUB, so if I go to the item on hub and access downloads I get all the format types I'd expect and all work fine except for File Geodatabase, if I click this to download as filegeodabase it just goes to genereate the file again and fails with message generation failed or or API error




The link below s to a similar issue s posted on geonet but suggests this may be resolved in the future. ... 

Similar issue 


Is it something I'm doing incorrectly, is there a reolution or is it a bug ..   any help is appreciated



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