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Domain labels missing in ArcGIS Online but visible from ArcGIS Pro

04-02-2023 06:50 PM
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Recently we just completed a content migration to ArcGIS Online for this client.

However, some domain labels of one of the migrated hosted feature layers is not showing properly when using Generate List in ArcGIS Online. As shown below,  the labels of the domain are the same as the Code.




However, when the same hosted feature layer is open in ArcGIS Pro, the domain is showing the label properly under description. Can anyone explains to me what I might be missing here?





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Hey Ihab

That is unusual. I think it would be best to take an export of the layer from ArcGIS Online and then check the domain settings on ArcGIS Pro before uploading/overwriting the Hosted Feature Layer.

Hope that helps!


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That is the way Generate list seems to work.  If you wanted different codes vs domains, you would need to edit them.

However, if you shared that data from Pro, it should have the same Domain/List in AGOL as well as Pro unless it was deleted in the items detail page in AGOL.

In your attached photo, are you sure that the "Asset Offline" data is the same Hosted feature layer loaded in through the portal link in Catalog and not a "local" feature class somewhere?  It appears as if you are showing domains for two different datasets.

In either case, ESRI has alwasy been kind of flaky with Domains.  Some software/services/apps will honor the show description/code, other do not.  And, this seems to randomly change as well.  For this reason, I usually make my Code and Descr. the same so it "always" displays as expected.


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Hi, thanks for the insights and especially on having the code and descirption/label as the same. We are working with the Esri tech support on this issue and will provide an update if we can resolve it. 

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Basically this is caused by different subsets of  the domain were assigned to another related field that has subtypes. Change in subtype selected in that field will change the domain values displayed. However, this is a limitation of AGOL to display this configuration properly as provided in:

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