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Does Partnered Collaboration allow ANYONE in an org to share to the Partnered Collaboration?

02-23-2022 10:40 AM
Occasional Contributor II

When a Partnered Collaboration (PC) is established, does it allow ANYONE in an org to share to the PC?  This seems to be the case when I tested it some months back.  Our org has many inter-org projects going on where particular users need to collaborate with another org, however, we only want the collaboration to be between particular org users and NOT the entire organization - in my tests, it seems that once an PC is established it allows ANY of our org members to start sharing to the PC'd org - is that true?  If so, it seems PC's need to be established as a high-level agreement for potentially any type of sharing between the orgs and not just for a particular project.  Currently, we have one project where a handful of members from our org and another org need a shared update group to collaborate on a StoryMap, but it does not seem possible to create a shared update group unless the other org is in a PC, which we don't want per the reasoning above.   Any insight on this situation would be greatly appreciated!

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