Does support KML, JSON, WMS ?

06-04-2010 11:49 AM
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Asked on behalf of a user: Are any of the map services on accessible via WMS or KML? Can map services return data in JSON format?
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Once you have found the map service you are interested in via a search, click 'Details' and scroll down to the section 'Map Contents'. You will see the REST Services directory of the map service. Click this and follow the instructions below to determine if WMS, KML or JSON requests are supported for the map service.

Example: the map service at defines a REST Services directory at

Once you click on the URL to view the REST Services directory:

FOR KML: At the top, next to 'View In:' there is a link 'Google Earth' - this actually requests a KMZ file from the map service

For more information about automatically using REST to retrieve KML from a map service, see

FOR WMS: At the bottom, next to 'Supported Interfaces:' there is a link 'WMS' - this actually returns the WMS get capabilities URL

FOR JSON: You need to specify the layer. In this example, click one of the 'Offshore Trajectory' or 'Uncertainty' sublayers:

At the bottom, next to 'Supported Operations:' there is a link 'Query Layer' - this actually displays an HTML page that can be used to request a JSON version of the geometries in the map service. Enter '1=1' in the 'Where' box and change the 'Format:' drop down to 'JSON'. Click 'Find' for the JSON response.

For more information about automatically using REST to retrieve different output formats from a map service, see

Hope that helps.

For additional options when using the REST Services directory for a map service, see
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