Distributed Collaboration and 1GB data size limit

03-18-2022 07:56 AM
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Hello- wondering if anyone knows if it is on the roadmap to allow the distributed collaboraitions to support data sharing by copies larger than 1GB (or if there is a way to override that default in an AGOL to Enterprise 10.91 collaboration)?  


"The feature layer exceeds the maximum item size of 1 GB, which will cause the item to be shared as a reference. To verify, enable INFO level portal logs and look for the log entry that indicates the size of the shared feature layer data item."

Appreciate any thoughts on this one.



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I'd be interested to know this as well. 1 GB size limit is restrictive

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Agree, this limitation prevents us from sharing a large portion of our data outside our organization with area business partners who would not otherwise have access to data/services behind our firewall.

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