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11-30-2021 08:12 AM
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Can I delete a Folder in my content without affecting the data that in the folder that was passed to another user of AGOL ? In agol content I have a folder that I was made the owner of temporarily and would now like to delete the folder - as I do not have ownership of the project the folder belongs to.

If I delete the folder from My Content, what happens to the data? Is the folder and data simply deleted from my profile or If I delete it am I deleting the data globally?

The folder has webapps, webmaps, tiling and feature services and other content. I would like to delete the entire folder. 

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If you have already transferred the data to another user and don't need the data or the folder that you are wanting to delete, I would just delete it.  If you get an error about permissions or ownership, you will have to take care of that separately.  

Here is a link with information about managing content in AGOL: 

Amanda Bishop, GISP
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